Infidelity and its different aspects such as flirting, cybersex and others more recently emerged thanks to the latest technology, have been the subject of plenty of research. Data show that 59% of men and 41% of women are unfaithful to their partner. Previous research seemed to show otherwise, with infidelity more common in women, but the latest statistics show the opposite.

An interesting variable in this research is “opportunity”: it appears, in fact, that men tend to be more unfaithful than women when presented with the chance; women seem to find it easier to resist temptation: 2/3 of women resist and 2/3 of men give in to temptation. Research on infidelity shows a curious fact: it appears that men commit adultery as an act of vengeance, as a way of getting back to a woman when they feel they have been wronged. On the other hand, in women infidelity seems to be the response to sadness for being undervalued by a man.

But why be unfaithful? What is the reason behind the betrayal of a life partner?

There can be many different reasons behind spouse infidelity. In many cases, people lack certain characteristics that their partners do not compensate for – for example, low self-esteem, depression, low sexual drive, lack of affection, sharing the same hobbies, emotional support, lack of understanding, etc. – therefore they look for them in a third party in order to reduce their anxiety. On the other hand, once a person discovers their partner’s infidelity, this triggers a series of negative feelings, including distrust and a sense of permanent unrest and uneasiness. Rarely things go back to how they were before the infidelity.

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