At BBS Security our priority is to protect and ensure the safety of our operatives in their workplace and comply with the current regulations while keeping an eye on appearances and aesthetics.

Circular n. 34, of 1999, from the Ministry of Labour lists the three reasons why it is important to wear adequate clothing at work:
– To express corporate identity and distinguish the different categories of employees that work in a company;
– To prevent the wear and tear of normal civilian clothes caused by working activities;
– To protect workers from health and safety risks.

Taking into consideration this last point, we wish to stress that one of the main reasons for wearing a uniform is to protect workers, for example, also by preventing access to dangerous areas to people who are not identified by a uniform.

Uniforms also identifies people as members of an organisation or company that provides a service and are testament to the fact that a smart and impeccable appearance and careful and alert attitude, is a welcome card that Clients greatly appreciate and, contrary to popular belief, it is also a deterrent for anyone with bad intentions. For its new uniforms, BBS has focused on quality materials, colours, and the inclusion of the logo in a visible position, to make sure customers recognise operatives as members of the company.

The new line will be provided to all employees to instil in our team a sense of belonging, important to consolidate the connection within the group.

Our wish? We hope customers feel the benefits and feel even more at ease in a orderly and comfortable environment.

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